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Since 2003, Dvořák Slope Mowers Ltd. (our parent company) has paved the way as a leader in the market, creating the original remote-controlled commercial mower and several variations that are now sold in nearly 50 countries across the globe. But we know that great success can’t be achieved with products alone. Our dealers are a huge part of that equation. By building strong partnerships with our dealers, we ensure they receive ongoing support and exceptional service. As we continue to grow, Spider Mower USA seeks entrepreneurs with the same drive we have to share the benefits of our products with the world. Here are a few reasons why we love SPIDER mowers and you should too:

Patented Drive System

Our SPIDER mowers have a patented 360-degree, all-wheel-drive “dance step” system, allowing for superior maneuverability on any terrain. There’s simply no other product on the market with SPIDERs’ uphill climbing ability of up to 60-degrees.

Safe & Productive

With convenient remote-control access, operators can safely mow slopes with extreme angles and tough conditions. Additionally, certain SPIDER products perform as effectively as 16 workers with brush cutters or one boom mower carried by a tractor.


SPIDER mowers can be used on various turf conditions. From dry to wet terrain, short grass to heavy brush, SPIDER mowers can handle all terrains from golf courses to military facilities, and from flat land to extreme slopes.


Our ILD01, ILD02 and 2SGS models are powered by American-made Kawasaki engines.

Lightweight Products

The lightweight design of our commercial mowers prevents soil erosion, allowing for a gentler, higher-quality cut on any type of turf.

Competitive Terms

Being a Spider Mower USA dealer or distributor means more than just selling great products. It also means the ability to take advantage of our exclusive dealer/distributor-only financing.

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