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Mowing Down the Competition

SPIDER: A Cut Above the Rest

Choosing SPIDER means so much more than just getting a great mower. It means enjoying many added benefits that you won’t find with other competing brands. Here are some of the top benefits you’ll find with purchasing a SPIDER mower.

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Optimized Performance with Less Cost


SPIDER mowers are designed to deliver extremely high productivity, especially on difficult terrain. How high? Well, our SPIDER 2SGS EFI can perform the same as 16 workers with brush cutters or one boom mower carried by tractor, for starters.

With our patented drive system, you won’t have to turn and reposition the mower at every corner or when mowing around tough obstacles, which helps saves you time and extra effort.

Minimize Risk of Injury


Whether your terrain has heavy brush, standing water, extremely steep slopes or anything in between, lawn maintenance can be a very dangerous job for the operator.

That’s where SPIDER comes in. Completely remote-control operated, our SPIDER mowers are designed to operate from a safe distance, up to 900 feet away. That means practically zero risk of operator injury while on the job. 

Safety can be even further enhanced on extreme slopes up to 60 degrees by utilizing the hydraulic winch, which stabilizes the machine as it mows on an incline.

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See How Easy Spider is to Operate


Not only does our ergonomic remote control ensures maximum safety and comfort for handling any terrain type, it’s also just plain convenient. No added time is needed to awkwardly maneuver your machine to reach specific angles that are hard to see atop a riding lawn mower. With remote-control operation, you can conveniently cover all ground with a few buttons. The power is in your hands.

Speaking of convenience, SPIDER also offers a few convenient financing options to choose from so you can get started quickly and easily, knowing you can make affordable payments over time. 

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Tackle Steep Slopes Up to 60 Degrees

Climbing Ability

When it comes to climbing ability, SPIDER mows down the competition. With a light-weight structure and unique drive system, SPIDER mowers can mow on extremely steep slopes with an incline of up to 40 degrees in any direction.

For even steeper slopes (including ones that can’t be easily walked on), our integrated hydraulic winch increases climbing ability up to 60 degrees, allowing it to still mow effectively uphill without tearing up your terrain.

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Use Effectively on Any Terrain Type


SPIDER mowers are exceptional pieces of equipment for versatility, which can save you thousands by not having to invest in multiple specialized mowers. Our SPIDERs can be used for mowing everything from fine and short park grass to rough and heavy-brush areas — all in the same setup! Flat surfaces. Extremely steep slopes. Waterlogged fields. SPIDER handles it all.

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Maneuver With Precision and Fluidity

Unique Drive System

Our patented “dance step” drive system combined with continuous four-wheel-drive creates incredible maneuverability in all environments, excellent climbing ability and gentle treatment of grass, even in wet or soft terrains.

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Fertilize Your Lawn

Quality of Cut

Sure, it’s great to have the climbing ability of up to 60 degrees, the versatility to cut through nearly any terrain type and remote-control operation that significantly reduces the risk of injury. But what about the quality of cut?

Using high-quality mulching mower decks with a four-blade mowing mechanism or our terrain-copying platform, SPIDER mowers ensure a precise, fine cut that mulches grass and actually helps fertilize your lawn.

Whether you’re mowing parks and gardens or waterlogged marshes or heavily brushed areas, these mowing decks ensure a level of quality you can count on every time.

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Get from Point A to B With Ease

Easy Transport

All of our mowers, including our SPIDER ILD01 and ILD02 can easily be loaded onto a standard-sized flatbed trailer or pickup truck.

Feel Good About Reduced Emissions

Environmental Friendliness

The lightweight design and all-wheel-drive of SPIDER mowers ensure they stay gentle on grass, eliminating unnecessary erosion on healthy slopes. Our mowers can also be equipped with biodegradable fluids (which are often required when maintaining ecologically sensitive areas like dams, banks and reservoirs).

Plus, SPIDER mowers consume less fuel than many other alternatives, which means fewer emissions are released into the air.

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Get from Point A to B With Ease

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"America's Best RC Slope Mower Warranty"

When it comes to outdoor power equipment, Spider Mower USA offers America’s Best Warranty. No other company offers a two-year or 800-hour (whichever comes first) manufacturer’s warranty and a three-year Kawasaki/Honda engine warranty. 

Some companies offer warranties that are only valid for a limited time and only apply within the state it was purchased in. Our warranty extends the same for all 50 states, U.S. territories and countries—meaning, you can take our mower anywhere and still be covered by our warranty. All warranties are against manufacturer’s defect, not including wear and tear parts.

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