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When it comes to our SPIDER remote-controlled slope mowers, there’s a lot to know. Like how they’re made with a patented “dance step” drive system to ensure superior maneuverability. Or how its lightweight structure allows them to mow uphill on extreme slopes up to 40 degrees (60 degrees with the integrated hydraulic winch). Or how it’s virtually the safest mower on the market today, allowing the operator to remotely control the mower from up to 900 feet away. Get an inside peek into the history of our company, what SPIDER lawn mowers are all about and the different mower models we have to choose from.

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Safe, Efficient Commercial Mowing

See What SPIDER Was Designed For

There are many benefits of choosing SPIDER. At Spider Mower USA, our all-terrain mowers are uniquely designed for safe, efficient and versatile commercial mowing. SPIDER mowers are ideal for extreme slopes up to 60 degrees with varying terrain types (from heavy-brush areas to waterlogged fields to golf courses). They can perform with the same efficiency as 16 workers with brush cutters — all while being remotely controlled from a distance, providing total safety for the operator. 

Check out this infographic to learn more about what SPIDER was built for and who can benefit most from utilizing our mowers.

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Get a glimpse at how SPIDER mowers take on tough terrain and ultra-steep slopes with the videos below. Need a DIY tutorial on how to service your SPIDER? Head to our SPIDER Service YouTube channel for more information.

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SPIDER Mower Climbing a Steep Hill By Remote Controlled Operation
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Spider mower mowing grass by the water. Best mower for slopes.
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Whether you’re unsure if a SPIDER mower is best suited for your mowing needs or if you’re on the fence about which model to choose from, check out our testimonials to see how our customers feel about our products and how they use it for their businesses. Our goal is to provide quality products and superior customer support. See what our current customers have to say about their experiences with Spider Mower USA today.

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