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Redefining the landscaping industry

Creators of the World's First-Ever RC Mower

In the early 2000s, Spider Mower USA revolutionized the landscaping industry with the introduction of the world’s first remote-controlled lawn mower. This groundbreaking innovation set a new standard for maintaining terrain, incorporating never-before-seen technology into our mowers.

Driven by a deep understanding of the challenges faced by landscapers, our mission was clear — to provide a direct solution that would enhance the lives of professionals in the field. With the launch of our flagship model, the SPIDER ILD01, we tackled several critical issues head-on.

We prioritized safety, ensuring operators could tackle ultra-steep slopes without compromising their well-being. We conquered the daunting task of maintaining tough terrain and overcoming heavy brush, simplifying the work of landscapers. We addressed the inefficiency and lack of productivity that plagued the mowers available on the market at that time, redefining the industry.

Today, our commitment remains unwavering as we continuously strive to push the boundaries of innovation, empowering landscapers with cutting-edge solutions that meet their evolving needs.

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From the Czech Republic to the United States

How Spider Mower USA
Was Born

Spider Mower USA is an American, privately owned company and a subsidiary of Dvořák Slope Mowers Ltd., the manufacturer of SPIDER mowers. Our business is proud to be a part of the SPIDER family, serving as the Dvořák Slope Mowers’ representative here in the United States.

Dvořák Slope Mowers was founded in 2004 by its current owner, Mr. Lubomír Dvořák. From its origins, the company was successful in launching a series of products that won the business of many consumers throughout the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia. During the following decade, the Dvořák team created new mower models and expanded their sales network to nearly 50 countries. With this tremendous success came the birth of our American-based company, Spider Mower USA.

Elevating Your Landscaping Capabilities

SPIDER: The All-In-One Slope Mower Solution

SPIDER mowers are versatile mowers that offer all-in-one landscaping that equips you with the ability to boost productivity, cut costs, enhance safety and overcome labor shortages.

Helping landscapers everywhere, SPIDER mowers have been elevating businesses by equipping them with the ability to tackle ultra-steep slopes of up to 60 degrees, allowing them to easily and safely maintain difficult terrain and heavy brush, and take advantage of the many other unmatched benefits only found in a SPIDER.

In addition to their remarkable performance, SPIDER mowers are designed with minimal maintenance required and superior user experience in mind. Manufactured in the Czech Republic, our mowers incorporate high-quality European and American parts, ensuring their durability and reliability so you never have to question their ability to withstand the demands of your work.

See why the grass really is greener with a SPIDER mower on your side by learning more about our mower model lineup now.

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We Serve the U.S.A.
& U.S. Territories

Sell Spider Mowers at Your Dealership

Become a SPIDER Dealer

Our dedicated dealers are an indispensable component of our success, and as we continue to expand, we are actively searching for like-minded partners who share our passion for spreading the remarkable advantages of SPIDER far and wide.

Discover the incredible opportunities that await you as a SPIDER dealer today. Learn more about the rewarding path to becoming a valued member of our network now.


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"America's Best RC Slope Mower Warranty"

When it comes to outdoor power equipment, Spider Mower USA offers America’s Best Warranty. No other company offers a two-year or 800-hour (whichever comes first) manufacturer’s warranty and a three-year Kawasaki/Honda engine warranty. 

Some companies offer warranties that are only valid for a limited time and only apply within the state it was purchased in. Our warranty extends the same for all 50 states, U.S. territories and countries—meaning, you can take our mower anywhere and still be covered by our warranty. All warranties are against manufacturer’s defect, not including wear and tear parts.

Already purchased your SPIDER mower from us? Get it registered today to take advantage of your SPIDER warranty with us.

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