Answers to Your Top Questions About SPIDER Mowers

You asked. We answered. Here are some helpful answers to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) we receive about our SPIDER mowers.

Where are SPIDER remote-control slope mowers made?

SPIDER mowers are designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic with components made in the USA.

How long has SPIDER been in business?

The original SPIDER ILD01 was the first mower model introduced in 2003. Spider Mower USA (a.k.a. Slope Care, LLC) has been selling SPIDER mowers in the USA since 2007.

Can your mower handle steep slopes?

Spider Mower On Incline At Night

Depending on the model, SPIDER remote-control mowers can handle inclines up to 60 degrees. Our larger models are certified by an independent European testing agency to ensure our mowers can handle these extreme slopes.

Do you keep mowers and spare parts in stock?

Yes, we stock SPIDER mowers and spare parts at our U.S. headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

Are you a start-up company?

Spider Mower USA is an American, privately owned company and a subsidiary of Dvorak, the manufacturer of SPIDER mowers. Our U.S. company has been around since 2007 and the SPIDER ILD01 is actually the world’s first commercial remote-control slope mower.

How do I program my mower? Does it have a mapping system?

Currently, SPIDER mowers are remote-controlled and are not autonomous. An autonomous version of our SPIDER 2SGS is currently under testing.

Are SPIDER mowers on tracks or wheels?

Our mowers are built on a 360-degree, all-wheel drive, all-wheel steer driving system. In fact, we hold the U.S. patent for this original, innovative design.

My employee almost rolled over on our current outdoor power equipment while maintaining our slopes. How can SPIDER keep my employees safe?

One of our SPIDER mowers’ many benefits is safety. SPIDER remote-control mowers are designed to keep the user safe while maintaining the most difficult terrains. Users can mow extreme slopes up to 60 degrees from distances of up to 900 feet away (though we strongly recommend operating the mower within eyesight).

Does the winch pull the mower up hillsides?

No, our SPIDER mowers still utilize the power of its Kawasaki or Honda engine as it climbs steep slopes up to 60 degrees. The winch is only needed for stabilizing purposes.

Is that a winch? Why do you need it?

SPIDER Mower Hydraulic Winch

Yes, it is a hydraulic winch. The integrated, hydraulic-winch acts as a stabilizer (or fifth wheel) to keep all four wheels on the ground as it continues to climb up extreme slopes. With its low center of gravity, the SPIDER can typically climb up to 40 degrees without the use of the winch and up to 60 degrees with the winch.

Is the 2SGS solar powered?

The SPIDER 2SGS is powered by a 24HP Kawasaki gas engine. With its lower profile, the 2SGS is designed to be able to maintain vegetation under photovoltaic panels on solar farms.

My area in the USA is facing a landscaping labor shortage, can SPIDER help me with that?

Yes, our larger SPIDER models can easily and safely handle the tasks of up to 16 workers using brush cutters.

Is SPIDER difficult to maintain?

SPIDER remote-controlled mowers are easy to maintain, like any other traditional zero-turn mowers. With our stocked parts, trained service department professionals and videos, Spider Mower USA and our authorized dealers are available to assist you with maintenance for your mower.

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Does SPIDER have any warranties?

When purchased by an authorized Spider Mower USA dealer, all new SPIDER mowers come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty backed by a three-year Kawasaki or Honda engine warranty, depending on model type.

Will you train me how to use my new SPIDER mower?

Yes, Spider Mower USA or one of our authorized USA dealers will train you on your new SPIDER mower at your location or via video conference (depending on model).

What safety features do SPIDER mowers have?

SPIDER remote-control mowers are specially designed with unique safety features. In a rare case of power loss on a slope, all four wheels will lock to prevent the mower from movement.

Additionally, the remote control has a stop button feature for complete operator control, which will disengage the engine and turn off the blades when pressed. Once the stop button is engaged, the blades will shut-off in approximately 5 seconds. This timeframe is well below the industry average of 20 seconds.

SPIDER mowers will also automatically shut off if the remote control loses frequency.


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