The commercial lawn mower for extreme terrain and super-steep slopes.



MSRP: $39,998 (USD)

SPIDER 2SGS EFI mowers in grass near solar panels
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Design & Capabilities

The SPIDER 2SGS EFI uses the 2SGS chassis but has an upgraded Kawasaki FS730V EFI engine with new electronic fuel injection technology that overpowers what might normally hold you back. 

The Kawasaki EFI fuel management system constantly alters power to load, keeping blade tip speed sustained and ground speed steady. With supreme cutting speed through tough conditions, you’ll get more done in less time – and do it with maximum fuel economy. 

The 4 rotary blades, which are made of Hardox Alloy, are guaranteed to have the necessary strength to withstand an impact from a solid obstacle and the quality mulching you get from the blades is evenly distributed during mowing to serve as a valuable source of nutrients. 

Steering & Productivity

The SPIDER 2SGS EFI attains the productivity that can match up to 16 brush cutters or a tractor with a cutting arm. In tough terrain, like highly overgrown grass or steep slopes it outputs 30% higher productivity compared to its predecessor with a carburetor engine. The 4-wheel drive system, high quality parts, and new EFI engine allow the SPIDER 2SGS EFI to tackle super-steep slopes of up to 60 degrees! See the 2SGS EFI in action.

Like its 2SGS-predecessor, the 2SGS EFI is also a great solution for mowing underneath PV panels. The remote control operation, low height, and omnidirectional travel system make the SPIDER 2SGS EFI the ideal option for photovoltaic panels, orchards, and parks.

To achieve perfect mowing results, it is crucial that the blade speed remains stable even when mowing thick and tall grass. The electronically controlled fuel metering on the SPIDER 2SGS EFI ensures that the exact amount of fuel enters the combustion chambers ensuring a constant blade speed. Therefore, the mower does not slow down even while mowing thick and tall grass or working on a steep slope.

The SPIDER 2SGS EFI and ILD02 EFI* mowers are the only mowers on the market that are certified for mowing slopes with an inclination of 60 °.

With the help of a patented stabilizing winch, the mower is totally safe on a slope while at the same time, thanks to its low weight, very gentle on the ground surface.

(*ILD02 EFI not available in the United States)

*Official certification documentation available upon request.
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Hydraulic Winch
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MOWS Slopes of up to 60º
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Technical Specifications

Drive Unit
Engine:Kawasaki FS730V-EFI
Performance:25.5 HP / 19.0 kW (SAE J1995)
Displacement:776 cc
Fuel Tank: 4.2 gal.
Fuel:Unleaded petrol
Drive System
Oil Tank:2.4 gal.
Speed:0 – 5 mph
Drive:360°, 4-wheel drive
Tire Type:6 × 6.50–8
Cutting System
Cutting Width:48.5 in. (4 blades)
Cutting Height:3.5 – 5.5 in. / 2.8 – 4.7 in.
Productivity:up to 2.1 acres/hr.
Fuel Consumption:1 gal/hr.
Climbing Ability:60º
Hydraulic Winch:Yes
Dimensions:65 × 56 × 32.5 in.
Gross Weight:853 lbs.
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When it comes to outdoor power equipment, Spider Mower USA offers America’s Best Warranty. No other company offers a two-year or 800-hour (whichever comes first) manufacturer’s warranty and a three-year Kawasaki/Honda engine warranty. 

Some companies offer warranties that are only valid for a limited time and only apply within the state it was purchased in. Our warranty extends the same for all 50 states, U.S. territories and countries—meaning, you can take our mower anywhere and still be covered by our warranty. All warranties are against manufacturer’s defect, not including wear and tear parts.

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