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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about Spider Mower USA and our revolutionary remote-controlled mowers? Find the answers to your most commonly asked questions below.

General FAQs

Remote-controlled mowers, such as SPIDERs, allow you to safely operate the mower from a distance, avoiding the danger of being on the slope. They can safely mow steep hills and slopes up to 60 degrees without the risk of tipping over that a riding mower would face. Remote-controlled mowers are highly maneuverable and can mow in multiple directions around obstacles, minimizing the need for repositioning.

Yes, depending on the model, our SPIDER mowers can mow extreme slopes up to 60 degrees from distances up to 900 feet away, verified by independent European testing for extreme slope handling. We strongly recommend keeping your mower within eyesight and operating from a safe distance of no more than 165 feet away.

SPIDER mowers are designed to keep the user safe while maintaining the most challenging terrains. Our mowers have unique safety features, including a stop button that disengages the engine and blades within five seconds — significantly faster than industry standards. Additionally, all four wheels will lock in case of power loss on a slope to prevent unintended movement.

No, the winch does not pull the mower up slopes. Instead, it is a hydraulic winch that acts as a stabilizer, helping the mower maintain contact with the ground as it ascends steep inclines up to 60 degrees. This stabilization allows the mower to safely climb slopes while keeping all wheels on the ground, enhancing safety and efficiency.

SPIDER mowers feature a unique 360-degree, all-wheel drive and steering system, patented in the USA, providing exceptional maneuverability and stability.

SPIDER mowers have features like a 360-degree all-wheel drive system, hydraulic winches for stability and remote control operations that allow them to handle various terrain types effectively and safely.

Maintenance for SPIDER mowers is as straightforward as traditional zero-turn mowers. We provide ample support through stocked parts, trained service professionals and instructional videos.

Current models are remote-controlled without autonomous features. However, an autonomous version of our SPIDER 2SGS EFI is under testing.

SPIDER mowers are designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic, using components sourced from the USA.

Yes, all new SPIDER mowers purchased from an authorized dealer come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and a three-year engine warranty from Kawasaki or Honda, depending on the model.

*Note that the CROSS LINER lite comes with a 1yr/400hr Spider warranty when used commercially.

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Yes, depending on the model, Spider Mower USA or one of our authorized dealers provides training on-site or via video conference.

Yes, our larger SPIDER models can easily and safely handle the tasks of up to 16 workers using brush cutters.

Mower FAQs

No, the SPIDER 2SGS uses a 24HP Kawasaki gas engine designed to maintain vegetation under solar panels efficiently.

The SPIDER 2SGS EFI is ideal for large commercial areas due to its high productivity rate of 2.1 acres per hour and its ability to tackle super-steep slopes up to 60 degrees. This model is particularly suited for maintaining areas under solar panels due to its low profile and high maneuverability.

The SPIDER ILD01 is perfect for medium-sized terrains with steep inclines. It offers a cutting width of 31.5 inches and a climbing ability of up to 55 degrees. It combines robust performance with ease of use in challenging conditions.

All SPIDER mowers are suitable for handling diverse terrains, providing effective and efficient solutions for commercial landscapers. Select models are equipped with a winch to further improve performance on steep slopes, capable of climbing up to 60 degrees. SPIDER mowers are engineered for professional use, ensuring top-notch performance, even in the toughest of conditions.

The SPIDER CROSS LINER series offers the best personal use options with a terrain-copying platform and a climbing ability of 35 degrees. It’s well-suited for smaller landscapes that require precise maneuverability.

Unlike traditional zero-turn mowers, which excel in flat and wide-open spaces, SPIDER slope mowers are specially engineered to handle uneven and challenging terrains. Thanks to their unique all-wheel drive and the ability to mow in multiple directions, our mowers can safely and efficiently manage slopes and irregular ground where zero-turn mowers might struggle or pose safety risks.

SPIDER mowers are specifically engineered to enhance safety on slopes and uneven terrain, distinguishing them from traditional zero-turn mowers. They feature remote control operation that allows operators to stay at a safe distance while maneuvering challenging landscapes. Additionally, hydraulic winches provide stabilization by maintaining ground contact on steep inclines up to 60 degrees.

For urgent situations, a quick-stop button instantly disengages the engine and blades. Their unique 360-degree all-wheel drive and steering system offer unmatched maneuverability and stability, ensuring the mower handles difficult terrains safely and efficiently.

Terrain FAQs

For general hill cutting, mowers should offer good traction and stability control, but the focus is more on versatility across varying degrees of inclines rather than just extreme conditions. Remote control operation can provide a safety benefit by allowing the hill mower to be operated from a distance, which is helpful in moderately steep areas. SPIDERs are excellent hill mowers and can handle inclines up to 60 degrees, depending on the model, thus offering a safer and more efficient option than traditional mowers.

The best mowers for steep hills feature all-wheel drive, hydraulic winches and a low center of gravity for stability and safety. Remote-controlled operation is highly advantageous, allowing the operator to maintain a safe distance from potentially dangerous slopes. SPIDER mowers like the 2SGS EFI are ideal as they meet these requirements and can handle slopes up to 60 degrees, making them perfect for challenging terrains.

Electric mowers effective on hills typically have robust motors, enhanced battery life and design elements that ensure stability and traction on slopes. The SPIDER eCROSS LINER, for instance, is an all-electric mower that operates effectively on inclines up to 60 degrees. It combines low noise, minimal maintenance and zero emissions, making it ideal for environmentally sensitive areas and challenging conditions.

While zero-turn mowers are efficient on flat terrains, they are generally not recommended for steep hills beyond 15 degrees due to safety risks like tipping or rolling over.

Walk-behind mowers can be used on milder slopes, but they are unsuitable for steep inclines, where remote-controlled mowers like the SPIDERs offer superior safety and efficiency.

The best hill mowers for large, uneven areas combine high productivity rates with robust terrain management features like wide cutting widths, powerful engines and advanced steering capabilities. The SPIDER 2SGS EFI can handle all this and more. It’s designed for high productivity, covering more than two acres in an hour, and is equipped to manage complex landscapes efficiently.

Environmental Impact and Efficiency FAQs

Electric lawnmowers are highly efficient compared to traditional gas-powered models. They are quiet, easy to use and largely maintenance-free, performing just as well as gas mowers on well-maintained lawns. The SPIDER eCROSS Liner is an all-electric mower featuring all-direction mowing, low noise, minimum maintenance and zero emissions.

Yes, electric lawnmowers are better for the environment than gas-powered models. They utilize clean energy and minimize carbon emissions.

Solar Farm Mowing FAQs

An ideal mower for solar farm maintenance should have a low-profile design to mow efficiently beneath and around the solar panels without causing shading. It should also offer remote control operation, allowing the operator to safely maintain a distance from the panels while precisely controlling the mower.

The ideal type of mower is a specialized remote-controlled model explicitly designed for maintaining the turf and vegetation around photovoltaic (PV) solar panels. A small amount of shading from overgrown grass can significantly reduce the entire solar system’s performance.

The SPIDER 2SGS EFI features a lower profile that allows it to mow efficiently beneath and around the solar panels. With remote operation, it can safely and precisely maintain the grass height to maximize energy output across the solar farm. Its specialized design makes it the best choice for consistently achieving optimal panel exposure and solar farm productivity.

Remote-controlled mowers like the SPIDER 2SGS EFI can improve solar farm vegetation management efficiency by allowing the operator to maintain a safe distance from the panels while precisely controlling the mower’s movements. This enables consistent and optimal grass height maintenance to maximize solar panel exposure and energy output.

Spider Mower USA FAQs

Spider Mower USA, also known as Slope Care, LLC, has pioneered the landscaping industry since 2003 when it introduced the world’s first remote-controlled mower, the SPIDER ILD01. Officially operating in the USA since 2007, Spider Mower USA has continued to innovate and provide cutting-edge solutions for tackling tough terrain and enhancing the productivity and safety of landscaping professionals.

No, Spider Mower USA is a subsidiary of Dvorak, the Czech manufacturer of SPIDER mowers. We have been established in the USA since 2007 and have introduced the world’s first commercial remote-control slope mower.

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