7 Features to Look For in a Remote-Control Slope Mower

Long ago, the idea of merging robotics and lawn care was something only seen in sci-fi movies and cartoons. With the creation of new technologies and innovative thinking, the idea became a reality in 2004 with the very first remote-control slope mower ever invented, the Dvořák SPIDER.

As technologies improve, more commercial and residential remote-control slope mowers continue to enter the market, leaving consumers scratching their heads trying to figure out which mower manufacturer to choose from (let alone which model will best suit their needs).

To help, we’ve put together a list of top features to look for in determining which commercially recognized mower is the right fit for you.

1. Safety Features

The Spider ILD01 Remote Control Slope Mower Mowing Grass on a 40-Degree Slope

Landscaping both residential and commercial properties can be a dangerous job, so one of the most common reasons consumers purchase remote-control slope mowers is for safety.

Most of these mowers automatically shut off once it loses radio signal, either by frequency interference or after it goes out of range from the operator. SPIDER mowers have a 900-foot range and will automatically shut off if it loses signal—however, it is always recommended to keep within eye sight while remotely operating a mower.

If you’re looking for a mower to maintain terrains with extremely steep slopes where traditional landscaping equipment can not safely operate, safety should be a top priority.

2. Certifications

Many remote-control slope mowers claim to be able to operate on the most extreme slopes. Unfortunately, some mowers cannot perform as advertised. However, consumers have the right to (and should) ask the manufacturer for proof of these claims to be backed up with documentation, such as certifications performed by independent agencies.

The SPIDER ILD01, ILD02 and 2SGS are all certified by an independent European agency to cut slopes up to 55 degrees at an incline.

3. Product Quality

Remote-control slope mowers are designed and manufactured with various qualities of materials that make many mowers last longer than others.

Consider asking the manufacturer what the typical life span of their product is. This can also be referred to as “hours” on any given mower. You may also want to ask if the manufacturer has received any industry awards or has any patents on their design. This is a great way to discover the real differences between manufacturers.


red dot design award winner 2006

SPIDER’s mowers have been in use since 2004 with many of our original mowers still in use today. In 2006, SPIDER was the recipient of a prestigious Red Dot Design Award.

4. Quality of Cut

The Spider ILD02 Remote Control Slope Mower Mowing Grass on a Golf Course on a Sunny Day

Remote-control slope mowers are different from traditional landscaping equipment not only in how they’re built, but also how they cut. Turf conditions can vary from fine grass to heavy brush. Certain mowers can handle both conditions, whereas, others perform best for one condition or the other. Quality of cut can also be impacted by the weight of the mower (heavy equipment can damage terrain while lighter equipment can help maintain pristine grass conditions).

Another factor to consider is how the mower moves and pivots. There is a vast difference between wheels and track remote-control mowers. For example, tracks tend to cause severe soil erosion while wheeled versions tend to be gentler on fine grass.

The SPIDER ILD01, ILD02 and 2SGS will cut heavy brush and fine golf course grass on its patented 360-degree all-wheel-drive system.

5. Price

Long gone are the days that remote-control mowers are too expensive to purchase. Today, residential customers can purchase most entry-level, commercial-grade remote-control slope mowers for under $15,000.

Coming this summer to Spider Mower USA, the SPIDER CROSS LINER lite’s price will start at just $9,998.00 (now available).

6. Manufacturer’s Warranty

The Spider ILD01 Remote Control Slope Mower Cutting Down Heavy Brush

Another thing to consider before purchasing is the equipment’s warranty.

You should request additional information from the manufacturer on how long their warranty period is. Most reputable manufacturers will provide you with this information prior to your sale or at the time of delivery.

All SPIDER mowers come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

7. Training

Spider steep slope mower mowing hill during sunset

Training is an important way to ensure you’re using your equipment properly so you have the safest, most efficient mowing experience every time. Find out if the manufacturer you’re considering offers training with every new purchase. While some manufacturers may not offer training with every model, most will offer online training videos or even do video conference calls to assist you in knowing how to safely operate their equipment.

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