5 Benefits of Remote Control Mowers

What kind of mower is best for taking on different kinds of landscaping? When it comes to mowing diverse terrain, a remote control mower can take on deep brush, fine turf, steep slopes and even waterlogged grass with ease. Beyond their versatility, remote control mowers can also offer a precise cut and mulch grass to maintain the health of lawns or fields.

Remote control mowers also have unique advantages over walk-behind mowers and riding mowers for safety and turning ability. If you want a mower that can handle all kinds of terrain, take a look at some of the advantages and benefits a remote control mower can offer!

1. They Cut Tall Grass and Brush Efficiently Without a Brush Cutter

When it comes to mowing through turf that hasn’t been maintained, you want a tall grass and brush mower that’s powerful enough to take on both without sacrificing mobility. A remote control mower like a SPIDER ILD02 uses a straight blade that’s ideal for unmaintained areas and a finishing blade for precise cutting. The blades themselves are designed for precise cutting and mulching to help fertilize the lawn. Even if the grass hasn’t been touched or mowed in 2-3 years, a SPIDER mower can easily take it on.

2. They Mow In All Directions With Minimal Repositioning

Instead of constantly stopping to reposition and turn, a remote control mower can mow in many directions around obstacles like large rocks or tree stumps. In addition to being a remote control mower, Spider’s omnidirectional feature saves even more time from having to reposition than a traditional remote control mower.

The omnidirectional benefit from Spider mowers boost productivity otherwise lost to making all those small but tedious adjustments.

3. They Safely Mow Steep Hills and Slopes

Safety is a huge concern for any operator while mowing steep hills or slopes. A riding mower is always at risk of tipping or falling over while in use if the angle is too steep for the mower to handle. This can put the operator at risk and damage the mower itself.

With a remote control slope lawnmower, the operator can safely mow a steep hill or embankment with less risk. SPIDER mowers can mow hills up to 60 degrees, thanks to a stabilizing winch and patenting drive system.

4. They Mow Under Solar Panels Easily

Mowing under tight spaces like solar panels can be done quickly and efficiently with a compact remote control mower. Without it, you may have to employ special tools like a swing arm just to get the job done. Our 2SGS remote control mower mows up to 55 degrees and a perfect solution for mowing solar farm turf because it can maneuver underneath the panels. Plus, the 2SGS can withstand the high temperatures present at some solar farms. There’s no need for operators to be changing out tools on their mowing equipment when they can use a remote control mower.

5 Benefits of Remote Control Mowers 1

5. They Let You Enjoy Greater Productivity

One of the best advantages of using a remote control mower is that it can go where other mowers can’t. Using manual brush cutters or trimmers because your zero-turn mower can’t safely mow a hill can be time-consuming. That’s time you could get back in your day!

With remote control mowers, operators can use the mower from up to 900 feet away with the control, reducing labor needs. In fact, a SPIDER mower has the same mowing power as 15 individual operators using brush cutters. With enhanced productivity, a remote control mower is an asset for any landscaping team.

Remote Control Mowers: Productivity, Safety and Power

A remote control mower is compact but powerful, designed for mowing diverse terrain and maneuvering around obstacles. Any operator that has to work on slopes, deep brush and other challenging terrain could certainly benefit from using a remote control mower. A remote control slope mower has more capabilities and functionality than a typical riding mower, plus enhanced safety measures for operators.

A SPIDER mower can get any mowing job done with improved safety and efficiency thanks to its cutting-edge design and patented drive system. Every cut is precise, no matter how steep the slope is.

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