Why the World Is Moving Toward Robotic Lawn Mowers

It’s no secret that across industries, technology is rapidly advancing with consumer convenience and efficiency at top of mind. The landscaping industry is no stranger to this uptick in technological advancement with robotic lawn mowers breaking new ground in both commercial and residential landscaping needs.

This emerging technology tackles some of the most common pain points that come with lawn care, including lack of safety for operators, lack of productivity and efficiency, and lack of versatility on different terrain types — to name a few. 

Because of this, it’s easy to see why many are making the switch from traditional push or riding mowers. According to a study by the Global Industry Analysts, the robotic lawn mower market is projected to reach $1.4 billion internationally by 2026. 

Here’s what is driving consumers to make the switch:

The Priority Has Shifted From Savings to Safety

A man operating a SPIDER robotic lawn mower on sloped terrain via a remote control.

Lawn maintenance shouldn’t be a dangerous task. However, the percentage of serious injuries in the landscaping industry has been rising — some of the most common causes of injury involve lawn mowers.  Because of this, the priority has shifted from savings to safety for both commercial and personal operations. 

Traditional lawn mowers have become a major liability in the industry, especially for commercial use where ultra-steep slopes are a large portion of the terrain that needs to be maintained. These types of mowers are not best equipped to effectively mow up or down steep slopes, which puts the operator at risk for serious injury. 

That’s why many have turned to robotic lawn mowers as a safe alternative that significantly reduces the chances of an injury occurring, and this trend keeps growing. Remote-controlled SPIDER mowers can tackle steep slopes of up to 60 degrees while being operated from up to 900 feet away — however, we highly recommend keeping within eyesight of your mower at all times and operating from a safe distance of no more than 165 feet away. 

In the case of power loss or emergencies, SPIDER mowers also have an emergency stop feature that will completely shut down the machine in about 5 seconds — which is significantly less than the industry average of 20 seconds.

Little Maintenance and Upkeep Is Required

A SPIDER robotic lawn mower maintaining terrain under solar panels.

Whether you’re purchasing a mower for commercial or residential use, it’s an investment. It shouldn’t require a great deal of maintenance and upkeep to operate regularly. 

Equipment maintenance can become expensive very quickly if your mower isn’t made with quality materials, not to mention a significant inconvenience for you and/or your team. Your equipment should be built to last. 

Many people have turned to robotic lawn mowers, which are often made with better parts and can therefore offer better warranties. At Spider Mower USA, we offer America’s Best RC Slope Mower Warranty. We’re the only slope mower company to offer a two-year/800-hour (whichever comes first) manufacturer warranty and a three-year Kawasaki/Honda engine warranty.  

When making an investment in a mower (or multiple mowers), it’s not surprising why many are choosing one that will invest back in their purchase.

Optimal Performance Can Be Achieved With Less Effort

Man Practicing Lawnmower Safety By Operating a Spider Slope Mower From Several Yards Away Along a Highway

Both commercial and residential consumers can agree that performance and efficiency are critical factors in deciding on their next mower purchase. Whether you’re a landscaping company trying to preserve hours spent at each location or you’re a homeowner that simply wants to spend less time and effort maintaining your lawn, a robotic lawn mower can be a great option for you. 

With our remote-controlled SPIDER mowers, we use innovative technology to help you achieve optimal performance every time. That means:

  • 360-Wheel Maneuverability: This allows for less time needed to turn the mower around or reposition it at every angle. 
  • Precision Cuts on Every Terrain: Equipped with high-quality mulching mower decks that use a four-blade mowing mechanism or terrain-copying platform, SPIDERs ensure a precise, fine cut after every use that actually helps fertilize the grass.
  • Versatility: To achieve optimal performance, you can’t be burdened with having to switch out equipment to get the whole job done. Rather than needing multiple specialized mowers, investing in a SPIDER means you can have one mower to do it all, no matter the terrain type.

Many Options Are Easy to Transport and Relatively Eco-Friendly

Remote-controlled lawn mowers should have all the essentials, but it’s always nice when they offer a little extra. Many people who’ve made the switch to SPIDER mowers have enjoyed added benefits like easy transportation and environmental friendliness.

Because SPIDER mowers are relatively small in size and can be easily transported onto a standard-sized flatbed trailer or pickup truck, there’s no hassle required when you need to take your mower from point A to point B and so on.

What’s more, many SPIDER owners have enjoyed the added benefit of reduced emissions. Not only do our standard mowers consume less fuel than other alternatives (meaning fewer emissions are released into the air), but they also can be equipped with biodegradable fluids (often a requirement for those maintaining ecologically sensitive areas like dams, banks and reservoirs).

Get Ahead Of Your Competition By Making The Switch To SPIDER

spider mower offices

When it comes to investing in a new mower, many are opting for ones that simply offer more — robotic lawn mowers. Between higher operator safety, optimized performance, impressive warranties, and many other benefits in between, it’s easy to see why this is the trend in recent purchases.

If you’re ready to make the switch to a mower you can gain from for years to come, opt for a SPIDER today. View our mower models or request more information to get started.

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