The Slope Mower That Does It All: SPIDER

When it comes to professionally mowing several acres of land as a commercial landscaper, you can oftentimes be met with the challenge of mowing steep slopes, tough terrain, hard-to-reach areas and frustrating obstacles. In an industry that is slow to innovate to landscapers’ needs, SPIDER Mower USA introduced a one-of-a-kind mower that harnesses modern-day technology to solve these common mowing challenges and make operators’ lives easier.

Wondering what your current lawn mower may be lacking? How your lawn mower is behind what the current technology can do for you? There are several key comparisons when it comes to a “traditional” lawn mower versus a SPIDER mower. Let’s explore six ways SPIDER outperforms the typical commercial (and residential) lawn mower with results that truly are a cut above the rest.

Spider steep slope mower mowing hill during sunset

Typical Mower vs. SPIDER Slope Mower

Typically, Your Standard Lawn Mower Looks Something Like This: But What If Instead, Your Lawn Mower Operated Like This — Like a SPIDER.
A ride-on mower only safe on slopes of up to 15 degrees.✓ SPIDER is a fully remote-controllable mower you never have to ride on that can take on slopes of up to 60 degrees.
Doesn’t provide the necessary traction to mow steep slopes, hills and tough terrain. ✓ SPIDER features an all-wheel-drive lawn mower that provides you with the superior traction and balance required to conquer the steepest slopes, hills and tough terrain.
Requires several other pieces of equipment to mow multiple terrain types.✓ One SPIDER mower eliminates multiple pieces of equipment by doing it all — steep slopes, heavy brush, standing water, tough terrain and yes, flat terrain too.
Has a turning radius of only only 4-28 inches, significantly reducing your range of motion.✓ SPIDER mowers include a 360-degree turning radius. This significantly increases your range of motion, making the maneuverability of your mower easier while increasing efficiency with a hassle-free mowing experience.
Leaves you with a low-quality cut and damaged terrain in tough-to-mow areas. ✓ SPIDER mowers are lightweight machines that were built to deliver an efficient and high-quality cut. Through the use of wheels rather than tracks, terrain damage is a thing of the past — even in the toughest conditions.
A mower that doesn't decrease the number of laborers needed for commercial-scale work.✓ One SPIDER mower is as efficient as up to 16 workers with brush cutters, eliminating your need for more laborers and increasing your efficiency.

Through these key benefits and more, SPIDER mowers provide customers with significant value that typically results in seeing a full return on their investment in less than one year from their date of purchase.

Spider ILD02 Slope Mower Mowing Marshy Grass Near a Lake
Consider a SPIDER Slope Mower for an All-In-One Package

For more than a decade, landscapers in 35+ countries have chosen SPIDER mowers as their all-in-one mower for a safe and efficient solution to maintain steep slopes, difficult terrains, heavy brush, standing water and more.

If you’re considering purchasing a commercial slope mower, Spider Mower USA may be the perfect solution for your landscaping team. Learn more about why SPIDER is a cut above the rest when you download our guide or request more information to get started with your very own SPIDER slope mower today.

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