3 Ways Slope Mowers on Wheels Perform Better Than Track-Driven Mowers

Maintaining steep slopes and navigating challenging terrain has always posed a significant challenge for landscapers worldwide. Traditionally, it’s been widely believed that track mowers are the ultimate solution for tackling these demanding conditions. However, we’re challenging this notion with an innovative slope mower that’s more effective, less time-consuming to operate and provides an all-in-one solution that makes landscapers’ lives much easier than ever before — a remote-controlled slope mower equipped with wheels instead of tracks. 

Today, we’re debunking the common misconception that mowers on tracks “outperform” their wheeled counterparts in quality, traction and versatility. In fact, it’s the slope mower on wheels that’s the true champion of the terrain, and here’s why.

Spider Crossliner Lite Mowing Uphill

1. Slope Mowers on Wheels Produce a Higher Quality Cut Than Track-Driven Mowers

Did you know that the majority of the track-driven machines were designed for forestry applications? This means that their original intended use was created for landscapers to clear land using a single machine to cut, grind and clear vegetation.

When it comes to achieving precise and high-quality mowing results on your terrain, your choice of equipment plays a critical role. Tracks were not originally designed with precision mowing in mind and therefore affect the quality of cut when used on steep slopes.

In the pursuit of a precise and immaculate cut, there is one clear winner: slope mowers equipped with wheels. These mowers produce higher-quality cuts than their track-equipped counterparts every time — here’s how:

  • Enhanced Maneuverability: Wheels allow the mower to reach areas that track mowers can’t, like tight spaces and intricate contours, leaving you with a more even and professional-looking cut — even in the most difficult and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Reduced Terrain Damage: Tracks cannot exert a concentrated amount of pressure on the ground and typically leave behind significant terrain damage. Conversely, wheels are able to evenly distribute the weight of the machine, resulting in minimal (if any) terrain damage.
  • Stable Performance: Wheels stabilize the mower, which allows the mower to follow a consistent cutting pattern without interruptions or fluctuations in performance that often happen with track-driven mowers
  • Precise Trimming: Wheels offer a greater level of agility and maneuverability that tracks cannot, allowing for precise and clean trimming around obstacles and edges.
  • Versatile Cutting Angles: Adjusting your cutting height is critical for achieving consistent and uniform results and a versatile capability not often found in track-driven mowers.

2. Slope Mowers on Wheels Get Better Traction Than Tracks

Spider ILD01 Slope Mower on a Grassy Hill at Sundown with Another Spider Mower in the Background

Many assume that track-driven mowers provide better grip due to the larger surface area of the tracks themselves, but this isn’t the case. In reality, slope mowers on wheels offer better traction because the wheels were specifically designed for slope mowing and come equipped with innovative features that optimize your traction on various terrains.

In addition to the ability of your mower’s wheels to evenly distribute its weight as it inclines, another thing to consider is the specialized tread patterns and ultra-durable materials needed for a better grip on challenging slopes. Between these two capabilities of a slope mower on wheels, you’ll be able to navigate steep slopes, uneven terrain and more with much less hassle than with a track-driven mower. 

You’ll also want to consider these benefits of slope mowers on wheels:

  • Terrain Adaptability: Wheels have the upper hand when it comes to adapting to different terrain types. Whether muddy or loose soil, heavy brush, park grass, etc., wheels can adjust to changing ground conditions and maintain uninterrupted traction.
  • Reduced Ground Disturbance: Because wheels distribute the mower’s weight over a larger surface area, this helps to minimize ground disturbance and terrain damage. This ultimately creates better traction since the wheels maintain constant contact with the ground more effectively than tracks can.
  • Improved Steering Control: Wheels allow for precise steering control, enabling operators to make quick adjustments when necessary. This makes navigating tight turns and other challenges easier than it would be with a track-driven mower.

3. Slope Mowers on Wheels Offer Much Greater Versatility and Capability Than Tracks

Slope mowers on wheels provide landscapers with many advantages that far surpass those of track-driven mowers. Whether you’re faced with ultra-steep slopes or more straightforward terrain, like park grass, a mower on wheels can provide greater versatility and capabilities than track-driven mowers without compromising on the quality of your cut. This is because the flexibility and adaptability of wheels allow operators to tackle numerous types of terrain and landscapes easily. 

Take these convenient advantages into consideration as you compare track-driven mowers to slope mowers on wheels:

  • Greater Accessibility: With a slope mower on wheels, you can more easily access narrow pathways, uneven terrain, restricted spaces and much more. Whereas a track-driven mower might leave you with unmowed patches, crevices and more because of its inability to effectively access these hard-to-reach areas.
  • Easy Transitions: Since wheels adapt better to various ground conditions, you can quickly transition from mowing flat terrain to ultra-steep slopes without struggle in the same session.
  • All-In-One Solution: A slope mower on wheels can help you eliminate the need to buy, use and transport multiple pieces of equipment, allowing you to customize your mowing setup based on the terrain type you’re dealing with.

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