Why SPIDER Is the Best Brand of Steep Slope Mowers

Since 2004, SPIDER has been hitting the slopes with an innovative, award-winning, patented design found in each of our steep slope mower models. For more than a decade, landscapers in 35+ countries have chosen SPIDER mowers as their solution to safely maintain the steepest and most difficult terrains up to 60 degrees.

If you’re considering purchasing a new steep slope mower, use these helpful insights into why SPIDER is the best brand to invest in for any commercial mowing need.


There are many benefits of choosing SPIDER, one of the most important being safety. Our mowers’ unique remote-control design allows operators to safely maintain nearly any terrain type — from natural hillsides to man-made canals — from distances up to 900 feet. Around the world, landscapers no longer need to risk physical injury by using alternative methods such as brush cutters or zero-turn mowers. With SPIDER, they now have the safest option for maintaining the most difficult terrains. Watch a SPIDER in action, keeping the operator at a safe distance.


In the U.S., numerous organizations have already made the choice to use SPIDER for their commercial lawn-mowing needs. A snapshot of SPIDER’s U.S. clients include Charlotte Motor Speedway (along with other racetracks), Inframark, government agencies (including national parks), energy companies, dam operators, wineries, golf courses, colleges and universities, as well as other nationally and locally owned landscapers and property management companies.


In addition to operator safety, SPIDER mowers are also extremely productive. Our 2SGS EFI model efficiently performs the same as 16 workers using brush cutters or 1 boom mower pulled by a tractor, whereas our SPIDER ILD01 can efficiently perform the same as 5 workers.


As the industry leader of the world’s first remote-control slope mower, other manufacturers who have attempted to follow our originality have not been able to match our company’s expertise, ingenuity, quality, durability or certification of our mowers.

SPIDER’s U.S.-patented 360-degree, all-wheel drive, all-wheel steering system is the only one of its kind. At 35 degrees, depending on soil conditions, SPIDER’s hydraulic winching system enables all four wheels to remain on the ground as its powerful engine continues to mow uphill at angles up to 55 degrees. With advanced, cutting-edge technology, our winch is more than capable of defying near impossible slopes.

Uphill Climbing Ability (Up to 55 Degrees)

person skiing down steep slope on a sunny day

It can be difficult to visualize a slope greater than 35 degrees. To help, most of North America’s steepest in-bound ski runs range between 35 to 50 degrees (SPIDERs go steeper than that!).

Lightweight Design

Spider ILD02

SPIDER mowers are also lightweight, as compared to other steep slope mowers on the market. SPIDER mowers can be easily and safely transported on the beds of pick-up trucks. For DOT work and other areas where guardrails cannot be removed, the SPIDER’s four service handles can be used to hoist the mower over guardrails using various methods.

The SPIDER’s lightweight design also enables them to mow sensitive, environmental areas near dams, canals and other waterways without causing any further damage to the terrain. As it mulches these areas, pristine grass conditions can easily come back to life.


To our knowledge, SPIDER is the only independently certified slope mower on the market today.  This certification, along with our industry award-winning design, is something we take great pride in.

Clean Energy

Spider 2SGS Steep Slope Mower

As SPIDER looks to the future, our innovative approach in solving problems by developing and introducing new products remains unfounded.

Our newest larger model, the SPIDER 2SGS, is engineered to perform the same as our most popular model, the SPIDER ILD02. With the growing need for renewable, clean energy, the SPIDER 2SGS is designed with a lower profile to be able to fit under solar PV panels, fulfilling a growing need in the maintenance of solar farms.

This year, SPIDER introduced its newest, remote-control professional mower, the CROSS LINER. With its sleek, compact style, the CROSS LINER is a popular choice for smaller properties where other products and methods of maintaining hills are unsafe or unable to do the task. SPIDER is currently developing a clean-energy, electric version of the CROSS LINER which is scheduled to debut late summer 2020. Additionally, we are currently testing a fully autonomous version of our SPIDER 2SGS.

To Sum It Up

With more than a decade in the industry of commercial mowers, our SPIDER steep slope mowers continue to be recognized for their unique design; four-wheel, 360-degree patented steer; and quality of service within the USA and around the world.

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