Comparing RC Mowers: Why SPIDER Is the Preferred Choice

When considering your options for your next remote-controlled lawn mower (RC mower) purchase, it’s important to know what each has to offer to help you decide which one might be best for you. And while many of these options may seem similar, there are significant differences that can play a major role in your decision-making process.

Think about how your prospective RC mower will align with your unique landscaping needs. Ask yourself:

  • How steep of slopes do you need to maintain?
  • How important is the weight of your mower to you (i.e. is ease of transportation and less damage to terrain based on mower weight a non-negotiable for you)?
  • Do you need to consider increased safety measures for your workers?
  • Would an all-in-one solution for various terrain types ease your landscaping challenges?

There’s a lot to think about when investing in a new piece of landscaping equipment. Let’s compare how SPIDER stacks up against other RC mowers on the market:

1. SPIDER is currently the only mower on the market to tackle slopes up to 60 degrees.

Man operating SPIDER 2SGS EFI up a hill

A remote-controlled mower is the safest and most efficient way to maintain steep slopes, but not all RC mowers are created equally. SPIDER is the only mower on the market today that can effectively mow on an incline of up to 60 degrees. Other competing RC mowers can only handle slopes up to 50 degrees, which can limit the terrain you may need to cover.

With a SPIDER, you can rely on its ultra-steep climbing ability to get up and over nearly any steep slope you may be faced with — all from the safety of operating at a distance of up to 900 feet (although we do recommend you operate from a closer distance to ensure accuracy). This is a significant difference when compared to other remote-controlled mower alternatives.

2. SPIDER is the only RC slope mower with an 800-hour or two-year manufacturer warranty (whichever comes first).

man on a hill professionally cutting grass with a remote control commercial mower

When considering which remote-controlled mower to invest in, it’s critical that you look into the warranty details. Did you know SPIDER mowers offer America’s Best RC Slope Mower Warranty? That’s right, SPIDER is the only RC mower company to offer a two-year or 800-hour manufacturer warranty (whichever comes first) and a three-year Kawasaki/Honda engine warranty. Most competing RC mowers on the market can only offer a warranty that’s half that  (typically only 400 hours).

Choosing a mower that has a strong warranty helps ensure you’re investing in a mower that’s going to last. And if there are issues along the way, it’s important to know you’re covered for the longest timeframe available.

3. Most SPIDER mower models utilize a hydraulic winch for greater climbing ability — top competing RC mowers don’t.

SPIDER Mower Hydraulic Winch

If you’re wondering how SPIDER mowers climb slopes of over 60 degrees so effortlessly, here’s your answer: most SPIDER models are equipped with a hydraulic winch to increase your mower’s climbing ability for those ultra-steep slopes that need a little extra effort. Our larger models are certified by an independent European testing agency to verify that our mowers can handle these types of angles. 

But it’s also important to understand how the winch works. The hydraulic winch is not used to pull the mower up the slope — it only works to further stabilize the mower (like a fifth wheel, if you will) to ensure all four wheels remain on the ground.

Competing RC mowers lack the capabilities to surpass 50-degree slopes, while SPIDER mowers can take you effortlessly up an extremely steep slope of up to 60 degrees. Consider this when comparing different mowers on the market.

4. There are 6 SPIDER mower models available for your unique landscaping needs — compared to 3 from a competing RC mower.

Comparing RC Mowers: Why SPIDER Is the Preferred Choice 1

At Spider Mower USA, we know there are a variety of landscaping needs our customers require customized solutions for. Whether your use is for commercial or residential, ultra-steep slopes or flat terrain, SPIDER offers a mowing solution to meet and surpass any requirement.

Did you know you can choose from six different SPIDER mower models? While we do have one model that requires special ordering, we are able to provide these versatile options to suit every mowing need. 

Most competing RC mowers on the market only offer three models, which can limit your investment to a remote-controlled slope mower that may offer you too many or not enough of the features you need to alleviate your landscaping challenges — oftentimes at an unnecessarily higher cost.

Request More Info to See if a SPIDER Is Right for Your Needs

If you’re considering a mower to maintain super-steep slopes, heavy brush, standing water, tough-to-reach spots like under solar panels and other difficult terrain types, a SPIDER mower may be the perfect RC mower for you. With superior performance, high-quality cuts every time and the ability to take on slopes of up to 60 degrees, SPIDER outranks other RC mowers on the market in nearly every category. 

But don’t just take our word for it. We’re ready to show you how SPIDER outranks the rest. Get started by exploring our different mower models or requesting more info today so you can find a model best suited for your unique landscaping needs.

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