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Investing in a SPIDER means never having to choose between productivity, safety and cost-effectiveness, giving you the competitive edge you need to be the top choice for current and prospective customers alike.

Imagine this: Your mower is the all-in-one, multi-use landscaping solution you’ve been needing to boost productivity, cut costs, prioritize the safety of your people and help reduce the number of landscapers you need to get the job done.

Leave your competitors in the dust while you say goodbye to productivity setbacks like labor shortages, and hello to a reliable way to get the job done right every single time — no matter the complexity of the terrain or the availability of laborers near you.

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Here's Why SPIDER is a Cut Above the Rest

SPIDER vs. Competing Mowers

Mower Features

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SPIDER Remote Control Slope Mowers

The Average Competing Mower

Remote-Control Operated from Up to 900 Ft. Awaycheckx
Features All-Direction Mowingcheckx
Mowing Power Equivalent to up to 16 Individuals With Brush Cutterscheckx
Lightweight (Ideal for Easy Servicing and Transport)checkx
Certified to Mow Uphill on Slopes Up to 60 Degreescheckx
Built for Quality, From First Cut to Long-Term Maintenancecheckx
Four-Blade Mowing Mechanism for a Precise Cut Every Time (2SGS and 2SGS EFI only)checkx
Designed to Handle Any Terrain Without Specialized Equipmentcheckx
America’s Best RC Slope Mower Warrantycheckx
Lawn Fertilization via Mulching Mower Deckscheckx
Ability to Mow Under Solar Panels (2SGS & 2SGS EFI)checkx

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