15 Years of Spider Mower USA: 15 SPIDER Mower Benefits

The Slope Mower That Does it All:
A Revolutionary 15 Years

Our team at Spider Mower USA is celebrating a revolutionary 15 years in business! In 2003, SPIDER pioneered the first-ever remote-controlled lawn mower of its kind and changed the landscaping industry with technology that had never been seen in a mower before — just a few years later, in 2007.

With a key focus on some of the landscaping industry’s biggest problems, we set out to deliver a solution that would directly respond to these issues, changing landscapers’ lives for the better. When we introduced the first-ever SPIDER mower model — the SPIDER ILD01 — we confronted: 

  • The safety issues many ride-on mowers caused for operators tackling ultra-steep slopes
  • The difficulty of maintaining tough terrain and heavy brush
  • Lack of efficiency and productivity offered by competing mowers and much more

SPIDER ILD02 hillside mower working on a steep embankment

Today, we’re elated to have reached this milestone. To celebrate, here are 15 SPIDER benefits (one for each year!) that demonstrate how our mowers are truly a cut above the rest.

  1. Wheels vs. Tracks — Did you know that wheels significantly outrank tracks in terms of the performance and maneuverability of your mower? SPIDER mowers utilize a unique drive system with all-wheel drive, which allows operators to maneuver in any direction without having to back up and reposition, avoiding terrain damage, saving time and optimizing productivity. 
  2. Remote-Controlled Operating System — At SPIDER, we pride ourselves on our committment to safety. Our mowers completely eliminate the need to physically sit, stand or even touch your lawn mower in order to operate it. This minimizes one of the industry’s most common causes of severe injury and death: roll-over accidents.
  3. Ability to Operate From a Distance — Because SPIDER isn’t a traditional ride-on mower, you can operate it from a distance. However, keep in mind that you must be within eyesight of your mower at all times — we recommend operating your SPIDER from a safe distance of no more than 165 feet away.
  4. Efficiency on Extremely Steep Slopes — Mowing steep slopes is arguably one of the most challenging and dangerous issues that plague the landscaping industry. Most commercial mowers are only built to take on slopes of up to 20 degrees before becoming a safety hazard for operators, but SPIDERs allow you to tackle slopes of up to 60 degrees without ever having to put anyone’s safety at risk.
  5. All-Wheel Drive System — SPIDER’s all-wheel drive system and all-direction steering allow operators to mow more efficiently. Many competing mowers on the market only offer one- or two-direction mowing, which often requires an additional 15 to 20 seconds per mowing row to reposition the mower. This ultimately leads to a significant loss in productivity. With SPIDERs’ all-direction mowing, there is no additional repositioning needed, allowing the operator to achieve maximum productivity with minimal effort.
  6. Tough Terrain and Heavy Brush Aren’t a Problem — SPIDER mowers are built to mow everything from short park grass to extremely tough terrain, steep slopes, heavy brush and even standing water. This versatility saves operators time and provides an easier experience when faced with challenging terrain types.
  7. Accessible to Hard-to-Reach Areas — Our SPIDER 2SGS and 2SGS EFI models are built to fit beneath solar panels and other inconvenient spaces — a rare lawnmower feature not commonly found within the market.
  8. The SPIDER Warranty — When you purchase a SPIDER, you’re equipped with  America’s Best RC Slope Mower Warranty. We’re the only slope mower company to offer a two-year/800-hour (whichever comes first) manufacturer warranty and a three-year Kawasaki/Honda engine warranty.
  9. All-in-One Solution — One SPIDER mower eliminates the need to buy, use and transport multiple pieces of equipment in order to do it all. Steep slopes, heavy brush, standing water, tough terrain and yes, flat terrain too — SPIDER can handle it all.
  10. Significantly Increased Productivity — One SPIDER mower performs as efficiently as up to 16 workers with brush cutters! This eliminates your need for more laborers and increases your overall efficiency.
  11. User-Friendly Operating System — SPIDER’s ergonomic, remote-controlled system is convenient and user-friendly, making the handling of your mower almost effortless. Through remote-controlled operation, you can conveniently cover all ground with just a few buttons and controls. The power is literally in your hands.
  12. Simultaneous Fertilization — SPIDER mowers ensure a precise, fine cut that uses mulching mower decks to cut the grass into small pieces, which simultaneously fertilize the lawn.
  13. High-Quality Cuts Every Time — SPIDERs mow with such precision and high quality that they can be used on parks and gardens as well as expansive areas with heavier grass, brush or standing water.
  14. Easily Transportable — Transporting equipment for various terrain types is an outdated practice. SPIDERs eliminate the need to lug around various pieces of equipment that are heavy, expensive and time-consuming to load/unload by providing you with a mower that does it all. All SPIDER mowers are lightweight, which makes them easy to load and unload onto and from a standard-sized flatbed trailer or pickup truck.
  15. Environmentally Friendly — SPIDER’s all-wheel-drive design enables our mowers to perform very gently on grass while still getting the job done right the first time, eliminating any possible erosion or terrain tear-up on slopes. SPIDER’s low fuel consumption also results in low emissions. Additionally, SPIDER mowers can be equipped with biodegradable fluids, which are often required when maintaining ecologically sensitive areas such as dams, banks and reservoirs.

Cheers to 15 More Years (and Beyond)!

An up close photo of a the SPIDER 2SGS EFI model. SPIDER mower benefits — climbing up a slope.

At Spider Mower USA, it’s our mission to continue creating new and innovative products for all terrain types that solve the critical problems of the landscaping industry by delivering an experience that’s truly a cut above the rest

Thank you for supporting Spider Mower USA for 15 amazing years and here’s to many more years of creating revolutionary lawn mowing solutions that keep you safe, lawns kept and time saved.

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