Your Essential Guide to Slope Mowers

If you’re mowing challenging terrain, you need equipment that’s up for the task. When it comes to slopes and hills, there are also safety risks and hazards using traditional brush cutters. A very steep hill can also make it difficult to mow if you’re not using equipment that can handle more extreme angles.

Slope mowers aren’t just made for rough terrain, they’re designed for mowing those tough-to-reach slopes safely. With the right features and design, slope mowers can help prevent accidents and keep you and your landscaping team safe as you work.

What Is a Slope Mower Used For?

A slope mower can be used for challenging terrains, such as steep slopes and hills. They can also tackle various kinds of grass. For example, roadside hills can often be full of thick, dense brush, but the SPIDER ILD02 can work through that dense brush with the same efficiency as 15 brush cutters. And the SPIDER 2SGS is designed to handle challenging terrain and obstacles, like mowing turf under solar panels.  The hydraulic winch of a SPIDER slope mower, along with its patented 4-wheel drive system, allows it to take on steep hills and slopes up to a 60-degree incline.

A remote-controlled slope mower can also be used to cover longer distances. Instead of trekking up and down hills and slopes with a brush cutter, a remote-controlled slope mower can make the job of mowing easier and safer. Even if you’re taking on deep vegetation or fine turf on a steep slope, a specialized slope mower like a SPIDER can take it on.

The Advantages of Using a Slope Mower

SPIDER CROSS LINER Lite Remote-Control Slope Mower on GrassWith a hydraulic winch and remote control, a slope mower is a much safer option for mowing than other types of commercial mowers. Some of these commercial mowers, especially riding mowers, can come with their fair share of risks. They can tip over or roll and debris can injure workers. And hiking up and down hills all day can risk dehydration and heat exhaustion on hot days.

Slope mowers like the SPIDER ILD02 and 2SGS help mitigate these risks to keep you and your team safer while still offering a quality cut. A SPIDER mower can work up to 900 feet away with remote control, and its 4-blade mechanism allows you to mulch and cut to ensure the health of the grass. Precision and patented design help ensure you get a quality cut without risking your team’s safety to do it.

The Best (and Safest) Way to Mow With a Slope Mower

When you’re using a remote-controlled slope mower, it’s best to always keep it in your line of sight while operating it. While it can be used up to 900 feet away from the remote, it’s still best to keep an eye out for any debris it might encounter.

You should always follow appropriate safety guidelines while using any kind of heavy machinery or equipment and slope mowers are no exception. Setting the mowing deck to the right height, regularly checking the torques and flanges of the blades for wear and tear will ensure you get the most out of your mower while you work. Operating on slopes or steep hills can be safer with a remote-controlled mower, but you should still always take proper precautions while using it.

Slope Mowers Can Get the Job Done

A slope mower can help you tackle rough terrains of all types, not just hills. You can handle deep brush, fine turf and even wet grass with a SPIDER mower. Its unique design and patented systems allow you to mow orchards, solar farms, roadside slopes, hilly golf courses and more. Plus, the remote control allows you to work from a safe distance and without needing to manually adjust for every turn you need to take.

SPIDER mowers come with 360-degree all-wheel drive and can climb hills up to 60-degrees thanks to a stabilizing hydraulic winch. Plus, they’re backed by one of the best warranties out there with affordable financing options available! With one SPIDER 2SGS EFI, you can mow any terrain safely and with the same effectiveness as 16 brush cutters. It’s an all-terrain solution for your commercial mowing needs. Want to learn more about SPIDER slope mowers? Take a look at our free e-book and read up on how our mowers can take on rough terrain and help maintain your lawn better than any other mower on the market.


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