SPIDER’s Hydraulic Winch Explained

SPIDER’s Hydraulic Winch Is the RC Slope Mower Benefit You Didn’t Know You Needed

You may already know that SPIDER mowers were created with the operators’ safety in mind, using a remote-controlled design to keep them at a safe distance at all times of operation. You may also know that SPIDER mowers are the only known RC mower brand to be certified by an independent testing agency, ensuring our claims are fully backed by research and thorough evaluation. 

But what you might not know is that our integrated hydraulic winch systems allow our mowers to effectively scale slopes of up to 60 degrees (depending on the model) — a feature that no competing remote-controlled mower on the market can compete with today.

We often get questions and hear misinformation about our winch system, so we’re here to clarify exactly why and how the winch serves a greater purpose as it pertains to RC mowers. Keep reading to learn more about why you need this SPIDER exclusive benefit if you intend to maintain slopes greater than 40 degrees.

Making it Up Slopes Greater Than 40 Degrees Without Soil Erosion

A teathered Spider Mower mowing a slope

If you believe that a slope mower with a hydraulic winch means the engine is “too weak to make it up the slope alone,” think again. 

We’ve seen competing remote-controlled slope mowers on the market claim to be able to climb slopes of up to 40 degrees, but what’s important to note is that their operator’s manual states that they can only climb vertically up to 35 degrees before they begin tearing up the terrain. With SPIDER, the hydraulic winching system allows the mower to minimally disturb soil and ground pressure on steep slopes by acting as that stabilizer (or 5th wheel), as opposed to track mowers (tanks) that tend to be heavier and dig into the terrain to gain traction. 

SPIDER products (on wheels) don’t disturb soil the way track mowers do, so ground cover vegetation is minimally impacted, allowing it to flourish and not be destroyed.

The Science Behind How SPIDER Mowers Never Erode Terrain — Even on 60-Degree Slopes

SPIDER’s Hydraulic Winch Explained 1

Did you know a SPIDER mower’s winch reduces ground pressure by 25%?

For example, at 1,000 pounds, each leg/wheel carries about 212 pounds of pressure on the terrain without SPIDER’s winch. Any slope past 30 degrees, more weight is distributed to the bottom wheels and/or back side of a competing RC mower. 

And again, this competing RC mower cannot tackle slopes greater than 40 degrees because their tracks will tear up the terrain past that point. 

Since SPIDER’s winch reduces leg pressure by 25%, leg pressure on the terrain is reduced by 50 pounds, for a total weight of 160 pounds of pressure per leg/wheel. This makes it possible to tackle ultra-steep slopes of up to 60 degrees without damaging the terrain, leaving you with a precise, fine cut every time.

SPIDER’s Capabilities, Paired With the Hydraulic Winch, Are Unmatched

Closeup of a SPIDER 2SGS EFI mower on a hill

Aside from SPIDER’s hydraulic winch aiding the mower in its ability to seamlessly tackle ultra-steep slopes without terrain destruction, the addition of the winch, in conjunction with SPIDER’s advanced capabilities, provide endless benefits for landscapers everywhere:

  1. Simple and easy maintenance on tough terrain in various conditions.
  2. Operators can mow ultra-steep slopes of up to 60 degrees — more than twice what most commercial mowers can mow.
  3. Easy, remote-controlled access to hard-to-reach areas.
  4. Increased safety conditions for operators.
  5. All-in-one landscaping solution that eliminates the need for various pieces of equipment.
  6. And many more benefits you can read about in our 15th anniversary blog.

So, to Winch or Not to Winch?

Man operating SPIDER 2SGS EFI up a hill

Spider Mower USA, along with Forestry Services, recommends using a winch when operating equipment on slopes. The winch keeps operators significantly safer, keeps equipment intact by preventing roll-overs that cause damage to your mower, minimizes soil disturbance/erosion and more. 

So if you’re debating whether to purchase an RC mower with or without a winch, you might want to consider all the benefits of the SPIDER — the only mower on the market with a winch that will give you a truly perfect cut without having to worry about terrain destruction. 

Remember, the hydraulic winch is not a disadvantage in a slope mower but a benefit that will give you greater climbing ability, greater safety and greater ability to maintain extreme slopes without destroying the terrain as you go.

Have Questions About SPIDER’s Hydraulic Winch?

If you’re looking for more information on SPIDER’s hydraulic winch and its capabilities regarding your unique landscaping needs, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.

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