Safety Benefits of Hillside Mowers

When you need to mow heavy brush, fine turf and steep slopes, you need a mower that can handle diverse terrain with ease. But working on these different types of terrain can come with risks for any operator. Riding mowers like lawn tractors and zero-turn mowers can tip over, causing injury to the operator. And using manual brush cutters in harsh climates can expose workers to heat exhaustion.

If safety is your top priority, then you want a remote control hillside mower. A hillside mower minimizes risk and injury for operators with enhanced safety features. Hillside mowers offer unique advantages over riding mowers, backed up with powerful mowing capabilities and durability. If you want a safe mower that can offer peak performance, a hillside mower is a perfect choice.

The Top Safety Benefits of Hillside Mowers

SPIDER ILD01 Mower Positioned on Grass in a Wooded Area

1. Operate Safely at a Distance

Using a remote-controlled hillside mower can totally eliminate the safety hazards that mowing steep hills can normally pose. Hidden ruts in the ground and debris can present risks of injury if the operator is using a riding mower. Deep ruts in the ground can cause the machine to tip and flying debris can hit the operator. With a range of up to 900 feet, a SPIDER mower allows the operator to safely mow steep hills, deep brush and other challenging terrains safely.

Because a hillside mower is specifically designed to take on steep hills, they can easily maneuver up, down and across slopes. With mowers like the SPIDER ILD02 or 2SGS, the patented drive system allows them to work on terrain that would otherwise be inaccessible, with the operator working from a safe distance. SPIDER’s innovative hydraulic winching system is unique to our mowers with nothing else like it on the market. This system allows the mower to move up those extreme angles while keeping all four tires on the ground.

2. Less Risk of Exhaustion from Manual Labor

Using riding mowers like zero-turn mowers for all lawn maintenance has some limitations. Because a zero-turn mower isn’t built for steep slopes or deep brush, it’s often necessary to use manual tools like brush cutters. But with this solution comes a hidden safety risk: heat exhaustion and dehydration.

Working with a brush cutter to cut grass on a steep hill not only takes longer, but it can also expose the operator to these health risks. Working in hot weather without a break can be very dangerous. Dehydration and heat exhaustion are serious, and without treatment can lead to heatstroke. But with a hillside mower, the operator only needs to use the remote control to work. They can conserve their energy — and when you use a SPIDER mower, operators work with the same power as 16 workers using brush cutters!

3. No Risk of Rollover

According to Johns Hopkins, an average of 6,394 injuries a year are caused by lawnmower accidents. Avoiding workplace injuries and accidents can be as simple as choosing the right kind of mower. It can be very risky or dangerous to try mowing a steep hill with a riding mower, as they can tip over if the angle is too extreme. In these situations, a hillside mower is the safest choice for working on slopes.

A hillside mower like a SPIDER can handle angles up to 60 degrees and still deliver a precise cut. SPIDER mowers use a patented drive system, skid-steering and a stabilizing winch to mow on these steep slopes without tipping over, sliding or falling. And because the mower itself is controlled by remote, when properly operated, there’s minimal risk to the operator of being injured from a rollover accident.


Maximize Safety, Minimize Risks With SPIDER

Lawn maintenance can be a dangerous job, especially when working in extreme temperatures on difficult terrain. Safety is always a top priority when it comes to mowing and working in these kinds of conditions. And the mower you use can make the biggest difference.

When it comes to safety, a hillside mower like a SPIDER can’t be beat. Between remote control operation, all-direction steering and stabilizing features, a SPIDER mower is the best choice for dealing with difficult terrain. Instead of working slowly with manual brush cutters or risking injury with riding mowers, a SPIDER is able to deliver a precise cut with the operator working at a safe distance.

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