The Top 3 Spider Mower Features for Lawn Mower Safety

Landscaping and lawn care come with their fair share of safety hazards. Operating a riding lawnmower can be especially risky on hills and slopes, and they can also roll over if they encounter a particularly large obstacle.

The best way to ensure the safety of any operator is to follow proper lawn mower safety precautions. But besides wearing protective clothing and equipment, having a mower with enhanced safety features can minimize a lot of the risks associated with lawn care. Hillside mowers like SPIDER mowers are designed to take on rough terrain safely and with precision. Take a look at the top three lawn mower safety features a SPIDER mower offers!

Easily Control Speed and Braking

With riding mowers, it can be difficult to maneuver around obstacles. Sudden stops and hard braking can even risk throwing the operator off of the mower itself. But with a remote control mower, you minimize the risk of a rollover and operator injuries.

SPIDER mowers all come with an ergonomic remote control and a range of up to 900 feet for remote operation. These controls are easy to use for steering the mower. If you need to stop suddenly, not only are the controls designed for quick braking, you’re also a safe distance away from the mower. You avoid the risk of falling or injury, thanks to an easy-to-use remote control.

60-Degree Climbing Ability

Being able to control a mower from a distance is just one of the impressive safety features of a SPIDER mower. The all-direction steering and hydraulic systems allow you to safely maneuver around large obstacles and up steep hills without the risk you’d normally be taking on with a riding mower.

Zero-turn mowers, though they’re easier to drive than a tractor mower, are still not suited to mow steep hills. But SPIDER mowers can take on slopes up to 60 degrees and have even been lab-tested with certification for their climbing ability.

With zero-turn mowers, operators not only run the risk of falling, but they could also be seriously injured by the mower’s blades if they become pinned under the machine. A remote control slope mower like a SPIDER can keep the operator safe while mowing steep hills.

All-Wheel Drive

All-wheel drive is a key safety feature of SPIDER mowers. This system makes it easy for SPIDER mowers to work on any difficult terrain, and the hydraulic winch of each SPIDER mower further stabilizes the machine and acts as a fifth wheel.

The all-wheel drive system and all-direction steering keep operators safe as they don’t need to worry about constantly repositioning the mower. On steep slopes or hills, there’s always a risk of injury. But, because the SPIDER mower can be remotely controlled up to 900 feet away and can stabilize itself, operators can work at a safe distance. The all-wheel drive, plus the easy steering and hydraulics make a SPIDER one of the safest slope mowers on the market.

The Top 3 Spider Mower Features for Lawn Mower Safety 1

Ensure Operator Safety With SPIDER Mowers

Lawnmower safety should be one of the highest priorities for any landscaping or lawn care job. With all of the risks inherent to using heavy machinery on potentially hazardous terrain, you want a mower that can safely work on any kind of ground. Riding mowers like tractors or even zero-turn mowers can be hazardous to work with and pose risks to operators.

If you’re looking for a mower that can safely navigate any kind of terrain, then you want a SPIDER mower. From steep slopes to waterlogged fields, SPIDER mowers have innovative safety features that allow operators to work from a safe distance. Whether you’re working with steep hills or need to mow under solar panels, our mowers are versatile and powerful enough to get the job done while ensuring the safety of the operator.

Want to learn more about our mowers and their features? Check out the full line of SPIDER slope mowers or request more information.

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