SPIDER ILD02 vs. SPIDER ILD01: What’s the Difference?

SPIDER mowers are designed for professional use and challenging terrain. Unlike tractor or walk-behind mowers, SPIDER products are uniquely made for tackling steep slopes and handling nearly any terrain type. They’re incredibly safe and productive, making them a worthy investment for your landscaping or lawn care business.

So which SPIDER mower is right for you? It depends on what your needs and preferences are, but today we’re breaking down the key features and differences between the SPIDER ILD02 and SPIDER ILD01.

The ILD02

SPIDER ILD02 mowing on a steep slope near a bridge

The SPIDER ILD02 is a remote-control mower built for challenging slopes and hills. Whether you’re working on extreme slopes or fine grass and large lawns, the ILD02 can handle it. This mower is ideal for any kind of challenging terrain that might otherwise be inaccessible.

The ILD02 features a hydrostatic drive system for fluent speed regulation and a patented “dance step” drive system. This gives the mower both high efficiency and safety. The skid steering option and 4-wheel drive allow for optimal performance and maneuverability.


The SPIDER ILD02 is equipped with a four-blade mowing mechanism so you can mow and mulch with precision. The ILD02 is as effective as 15 brush cutters or one boom mower carried by a tractor, all with the speed and safety of its design.

If you’re mowing parks or gardens, Spider Mowers USA offers curved mowing blades. All of the ILD02’s blades are made with an alloy that offers both strength and flexibility on impact of a fixed object like a rock or tree. The ILD02 has a cutting width of 48.5 inches and a height of 3.5–5.5 inches or 2.8–4.7 inches.


With its hydraulic winch and remote-controlled capabilities, the SPIDER ILD02 is one of the safest mowers you’ll find on the market. The winch prevents the mower from tipping over on steep slopes and stabilizes it, while the remote control allows the operator to work from a safe distance and away from loud noises.

With the remote control, you can:

  • Start and stop the engine
  • Set the mower’s speed
  • Turn the mowing on and off
  • Utilize skid steering
  • Adjust the cutting height
  • Activate the stabilizing winch
  • Rotate the wheels 360°

The remote control for the SPIDER ILD02 has a range of up to 100 meters (109 yards). In case of emergency, you can even shut off the mower’s entire system. This key feature is what makes SPIDER mowers the best choice for mowing any kind of slope.


The ILD02 can tackle short grass, steep slopes and even snow. The mower’s versatile mowing features can do it all without needing any specialized tools, and the snowplow can clear up to 11.8 inches of snow cover. With many of the traditional mower types, you’d need to spend extra time and use special attachments to cover difficult terrain.

The SPIDER ILD02 is designed with versatility in mind, capable of speeds up to 5 mph. You can even adjust the height of the cut to accommodate your unique needs.

The ILD01

The SPIDER ILD01 is the world’s first remote-controlled commercial slope mower to enter the world market. Just like the ILD02, the ILD01 features the same hydrostatic and “dance step” driving system. You’ll be able to work in all terrains, even wet or soft ground. It’s ideal for medium and large areas, as well as steep slopes. Besides slopes, the ILD01 works with areas that are otherwise inaccessible and would require a lightweight mower.


The SPIDER ILD01 has a one-blade mowing mechanism, made of the same metal alloy as the ILD02 for flexibility and strength. Should the mower collide with a tree or rock, the blades will still keep their durability. To maximize its efficiency, it can be equipped with a mulching ring.

The ILD01 can handle even wet or soft ground without needing to collect grass because of the unique mowing deck. The ILD01 has a cutting width of 31.5 inches and a cutting height of 2.5–4.5 inches or 1–3 inches. You can adjust the height of the cut to fit your needs.


As with the ILD02, the ILD01 features a hydraulic winch that stabilizes the mower. The remote control allows you to:

  • Start and stop the engine
  • Set the speed
  • Adjust cutting height
  • Activate the stabilizing winch
  • Rotate the wheels 360° if needed
  • Change the speed and direction

The ILD01 has the same emergency shutoff feature as the ILD02, though the skid steering feature on the remote control is only featured on the ILD02 (the ILD01 requires manual control of this feature). As with the ILD02, you’ll be able to control the mower with ease from a safe distance using the remote control.


The ILD01 can cover 3,000 square meters (9,843 feet) per hour. It’s as effective as up to five brush cutters, which can help eliminate your need for multiple specialized mowing equipment pieces.

Because of the ILD01’s unique design, hydraulic features and patented driving system, it can take on short park grass and clear heavy brush. This makes the SPIDER ILD01 ideal for any job, whether it’s a flat surface or a steep slope.

SPIDER ILD01 about to mow a steep hill

SPIDER ILD02 vs. ILD01 Mowers: Comparing the Two

The SPIDER ILD02 and ILD01 are both similar models made for conquering similar mowing challenges, but the differences between the two are in the details. The ILD01 is the more compact mower between the two, which makes it ideal for smaller areas. The ILD02 is a mowing powerhouse for extreme slopes and offers skid-steering management from its remote control.

No matter which model you’re considering, choosing SPIDER means you’re putting safety, quality and efficiency first. SPIDER’s patented drive system ensures fluent speed regulation and the hydraulic winch stabilizes the entire mower on steep slopes. With any SPIDER mower, you’ll have the power and versatility you need to get the job done right.

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