What Is EFI Technology and Why Does It Matter for the SPIDER 2SGS EFI?

The SPIDER 2SGS EFI is our latest SPIDER mower model, offering next-level productivity and climbing ability on slopes up to 60 degrees. But what’s the difference between this model and the SPIDER 2SGS? How does electronic fuel injection technology make this model so efficient? Here’s an overview of what EFI is, why it matters in a mower and how it can benefit productivity for your team.


What Is Electronic Fuel Injection Technology (EFI) and Why Does it Matter?

What Is EFI Technology and Why Does It Matter for the SPIDER 2SGS EFI? 1

So how does the SPIDER 2SGS EFI differ from its predecessor, the SPIDER 2SGS? This new SPIDER model features a Kawasaki FS730V EFI engine using new electronic fuel injection (EFI) technology to optimize the fuel-to-air ratio entering the engine. Here’s why that matters in a mower: EFI technology expands the lifespan of your mower and offers added benefits, including:

  • Easier start-up
  • More consistent power
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Less overall maintenance
  • Superior-quality cutting through the toughest conditions, even unexpected obstacles such as heavy brush, standing water, steep hills, hard-to-reach areas, and more.
  • Reduced emissions, resulting in compliance with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)


The SPIDER 2SGS EFI Means More Power and Less Time Spent Mowing 

What Is EFI Technology and Why Does It Matter for the SPIDER 2SGS EFI? 2Long gone are the days of being frustrated by hard-to-reach slopes and sub-par lawn mowers. The SPIDER 2SGS EFI is the slope mower made to defeat extreme terrain.

With the remote-controlled SPIDER 2SGS EFI, you’ll experience greater efficiency and advanced technology that can help increase your productivity by 30 percent when compared to its previous model, the SPIDER 2SGS. Imagine the equivalent of 16 brush cutters or a tractor with a cutting arm. That’s the power you’ll wield with the SPIDER 2SGS EFI.

Built to effortlessly take on tough terrain, overgrown grass, unexpected obstacles and steep slopes up to 60 degrees, the Kawasaki EFI fuel management system continually alters its power to meet load requirements. This keeps the blade tip speed sustained and ground speed steady, making the SPIDER 2SGS EFI mower the most fuel-efficient and time-efficient mower on the market. To put this into better perspective, the SPIDER 2SGS EFI can complete more than two acres in just one hour – a major boost in your mowing power and productivity!

With the new SPIDER 2SGS EFI, you can experience the priceless added value of more time in your day along with these additional major benefits:

  • Maximum fuel efficiency powered by a Kawasaki EFI engine
  • Remote-controlled operation up to 900 feet away – minimizing the risk of operator injury
  • All-direction mowing on slopes up to 60 degrees that maneuvers with ease – no more awkward and uncomfortable struggles with your mower
  • Defeating overgrown grass, steep slopes, heavy brush and even standing water, the SPIDER 2SGS EFI can be used on any terrain type
  • SPIDER does it all in one mower, eliminating the need for multiple specialized mowers

View the full specs of the SPIDER 2SGS EFI now.


How Safe Is the SPIDER 2SGS EFI?

If you prioritize safety, efficiency and versatility, you won’t find a better option on the market than SPIDER. SPIDER mowers are the safest landscaping equipment for commercial landscapers, who often face inaccessible and unsafe areas like steep slopes and heavy brush.

The SPIDER 2SGS works to reduce safety hazards that come with ultra-steep slopes, like mower tipping, which can put operators at risk for serious injury or even death when operating riding mowers. With SPIDER’s remote-control operation, operators have the peace of mind they are not being exposed to dangerous conditions, potentially ear-damaging noise levels, harmful fumes and more.

Learn more about the many safety benefits of remote-controlled hillside mowers like SPIDER today.


SPIDER Provides a Significant Return on Your Investment

Man operating SPIDER 2SGS EFI up a hillSPIDER mowers offer value like no other mower on the market. With just one SPIDER 2SGS EFI mower, you can experience the equivalent productivity of 16 brush cutters or one tractor with a cutting arm. No more need for investing in a multitude of specialized equipment — SPIDER can tackle it all.

With its all-wheel-drive system, SPIDER mowers eliminate the need to stop and reposition your mower every time there are angles or turns to make. With its low-height design, the SPIDER 2SGS EFI is ideal for mowing under photovoltaic (PV) panels — but it doesn’t stop there. All of our SPIDER mowers are equipped to tackle terrains of any type, from short park grass and heavy brush, to slopes angled up to 60 degrees and more.


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