5 Commercial Lawn Mower Safety Tips for Your Landscaping Business

Practice Commercial Lawn Mower Safety at Your Business

When it comes to your landscaping business, we know how important safety is for you and your crew. But when you have steep or difficult terrain to mow, there are certain mowers and features that can increase the likelihood of injury on the job for your team.

According to Newsweek, lawn mowers kill and injure more people than bears, sharks and alligators combined per year. Why put your valued staff at risk of being added to this statistic?

There are several features a commercial lawn mower should have in order to significantly reduce safety hazards at your landscaping business. Below, we’ll explore the top five tips to eliminate injury and increase overall lawn mower safety.

1. Invest in a Remote-Controlled Lawn Mower

Professional using a SPIDER remote control from an above bridge to mow grass along a highway
Many commercial mowers are riding mowers, which require operators to physically sit on the mower itself while in use. This can be problematic for a variety of reasons. Mowers can tip over onto their operators at steep inclines, operators can be thrown from the mower when braking suddenly, operators can improperly handle the equipment (resulting in deep cuts; loss of fingers, hands, toes, or feet; broken/dislocated bones, burns; eye injuries, sprains or other similar injuries), etc.

Much of these problems can be resolved with a remote-controlled mower that can be operated from up to 900 feet away. This can help protect you from OSHA violations and expensive worker’s compensation claims. Most importantly, it protects the well-being and safety of your staff.

2. Opt for a Mower with a 360-Degree Turning Radius

Many commercial landscape mowers make efficiency and safety a challenge for operators because they are not able to maneuver the mower without needing to re-adjust at every turn and angle. When you work with an all-wheel-drive, 360-degree mower, your range of motion dramatically increases, giving your employees the ability to seamlessly maneuver the mower through all kinds of twists and turns, multiple terrain types, hard-to-reach areas and even steep slopes.

The SPIDER 2SGS EFI is a certified remote-controlled, 360-degree, all-wheel-drive sloper mower (the original remote-control slope mower on the market) that can seamlessly mow slopes of up to 60 degrees, defeat tough terrain, heavy brush and other commercial-mowing difficulties. Mowers like the SPIDER 2SGS EFI makes practicing lawn mower safety easy for you and for your employees.

3. Look for a Mower with High-Quality Safety Features

Just like your personal vehicle, when it comes to selecting a commercial mower you must consider all of the options. It is particularly important to pay close attention to the quality of the parts your mower is designed with. The design of your mower and the parts it uses determines its ability to keep your employees safe. For example, if your mower does not include safety features that significantly reduce tip-overs, rollovers, and contact with the cutting blades, you may want to consider looking into alternatives for your landscape business.

Remote-controlled mowers offer the greatest level of lawn mower safety you can provide your employees with. By keeping employees a safe distance away from the mower at all times, you’ve now greatly eliminated the risk of various mower-related injuries, keeping your business at the forefront of what is most important – the safety of your people.

4. Consider a Mower with Greater Climbing Ability

Aerial View of Operating a Spider Slope Mower on a Steep Hill from Several Yards Away
There are an endless number of commercial landscape mowers on the market, but there aren’t many that include the newest climbing ability technology that allows for a seamless mowing experience on even the steepest of terrains. Your mowers’ ability to climb is crucial for your employees’ lawn mowing safety because that is how the majority of mowing accidents occur.

When landscape employees are faced with hard-to-reach areas, endless repositioning and frustrating mowers that don’t properly maneuver to effectively get the job done, they often find themselves injured from trying to force their mower to perform in ways it just isn’t meant to. To achieve tough cuts through challenging terrain, you need a mower that is built to handle these conditions.

With SPIDER, you can choose from a variety of remote-controlled commercial mowers that are specifically designed to defeat ultra-tough terrain, steep slopes of up to 60 degrees, heavy brush and even standing water.

5. Choose a Mower You Can Quickly Bring to a Full Stop

Whether your employees are operating their mower from a distance or up close, it’s critical they are able to stop their lawn mower in the case of a malfunction, power loss or operator error.

While most commercial mowers on the market are able to disengage the blades of a mower in 20 seconds (industry average), SPIDER mowers disengage the blades in five seconds. This stopping power coupled with the ability to operate the mower from up to 900 feet away gives you the ability to protect your employees almost entirely from on-the-job injuries related to landscape mowing, reducing unnecessary stress and liability.

Looking for a Residential Mower with the Same Safety Features? We Have You Covered.

Spider Mower Crossliner Model on Mowed Lawn
Our SPIDER CROSS LINER model features all of the same safety features as our commercial models and is the perfect choice for residential property owners looking for a remote-controlled lawn mower with increased safety, immaculate cutting results, and a superb ability to take on steep slopes, heavy brush, standing water and more.

Compare our SPIDER remote-control slope mowers today or request more information on any of our products. At Spider Mower USA, we’re always here to help. Our team will make sure you choose the right mower for all of your landscape lawn mower safety needs.

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